The Becky Way

"I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, but my journey is not finished yet. My vision is that every child in Britain will be able to swim by the time they leave primary school. Being able to swim is such a wonderful life skill, and I see this as my greatest challenge yet.


Despite my retirement, my commitment to swimming is as strong as it ever was.  I have been working alongside Steve Parry whose Olympic medal at Athens 2004 was the first by a British swimmer in 8 years, and is credited as being the catalyst to inspire others to success in 2008. Steve is the Managing Director of Total Swimming, the UK’s largest private swimming provider, and I have been working with him to create my own SwimStars programme. Of course, we are not looking to create Olympians - although that would be nice further down the line - I am genuinely concerned that almost half of the pupils leaving primary school are not able to swim properly. So I also brought in two of the country's most experienced and respected experts in teaching children to swim.

Alan Rapley and Linda Freeman have worked with me on the programme, the methods and our commitment to young people. It took three years of planning before I felt confident that my SwimStars programme was ready to roll out across the country. The teachers we use are top class, and have further enhanced their skills and experience by completing our in-depth training modules that immerse them in my key values for swimming - and for life.



The focus is on making swimming lessons fun and enjoyable.  The programme emphasises values such as ‘Respect’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Determination’, ‘Excellence’ and ‘Courage’ while children learn according to the ASA’s Learn to Swim framework and badge system.

I am thrilled with the response to SwimStars, and already thousands of young people have learned to swim with us. I hope you will allow me and my team to teach your children to swim ‘The Becky Way’. “




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