Swimming Lessons in Tamworth

Bannatyne Health Club Tamworth offers some of the best facilities in the local area for both children's swimming lessons and adult learn to swim or technique sessions.

We're proud to be teaching children all over the UK to swim each week, providing them with the best learn to swim journey possible. With only six children per class, this means we can avoid overcrowding, and ensure that each child learns and develops in a way that suits them best.

The programme has been written by Olympic Swimmer Becky Adlington, as well as industry professionals that are extensively experienced in teaching kids to swim. It's an experience like no other, with the child's progress always first priority.

Becky Adlington's SwimStars uses one lane of the top quality 20 meter pool for all ability classes, the pool has a constant depth of 1.2m.

Free parking is on site, and lessons can be viewed in a small area on poolside. The club is located close to Ventura retail park, and has excellent facilities for spa swimming and leisure.

You do not need to be a member of Bannatyne Health Club to join SwimStars and attend lessons at the venue.

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Bannatyne Health Club Tamworth, Bonehill Road, Bitterscote, Tamworth, B78 3HQ (map below)

Session Times:

Tuesday: 4-6pm

Thursday: 4-6pm

Friday: 4-6pm

Saturday: 1-3pm

In addition to the group lessons which have a maximum of 6 children per group we can also accommodate private 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 lessons around these times.

Session Details: Your child will learn all 4 competitive strokes throughout their swim journey with us along with various aquatic skills that either compliment the strokes, work towards competitive swimming skills, lifesaving skills or personal survival skills.  Elements of these skills and strokes will be taught in a fun and progressive way on a weekly basis and progress will be updated by the teacher via the online portal.

Clothing/Jewellery: Comfortable swimming costume or shorts no longer than knee length, please also bring goggles if your child finds using them preferable.  All other equipment and aids will be provided.

Online tracker: Teachers update the progress portal 3 times per term, and you can check up on their progress at any time by logging into your online account by clicking here 

What to do when you arrive: Please allow at least 10 minutes from arrival time to the start of your child’s lesson to ensure they have enough time to get changed, use the toilet and be ready on poolside waiting with you at the door of the changing rooms. The instructor will collect your child from you at this point.  Once your child is collected by their instructor, you can make your way to the viewing area either in the café. Just before the end of the lesson, parents should make their way back to the changing room door where the teacher will hand the children directly back to you. Teachers are asked not to release children whose parents are not on poolside to collect for the safety of all swimmers.  

Venue co-ordinator:
Rhian Bree - rhian@beckyadlingtonsswimstars.com