“Terrible twos were hard but Threenager is real”

In a recent Instagram post, Becky spoke openly about the realities of parenthood and how social media can all too often show people’s lives through rose-coloured glasses.

Whilst on an idyllic family holiday with three year old Summer, Becky thought it was important to share with her 90,000+ followers the back story to a lovely photo of her and her daughter playing in the pool.

The post started with, “I love Summer with all my heart but today has been a bit of a challenge. When people say to me ‘Do you want Summer to be a swimmer like you when she gets older?’ all I think to myself is I just want her to be a good, honest person. Today she’s not eaten anything, not listened to me and screamed in my face. She’s also been awful at sleeping the past 3 weeks! Terrible twos were hard but Threenager is real…”

Becky went on to write, “I wanted to share as I think social media has a way of making everyone’s lives look and seem perfect. Reality is we all have our own struggles and us parents need to stick together!”

With over 6,000 likes and hundreds of comments from parents sharing similar stories and showing their support for Becky’s honesty, it’s clear this is something that needs to be spoken about. It’s too easy to scroll through social media and assume everyone else is perfect - that their children never roll their eyes at vegetables on their plate or throw tantrums before going to bed...

At SwimStars, we like to think of ourselves as a community of parents, carers, grandparents – who all want the same for our little ones; to give them the best opportunities with our support and encouragement.