An Inspiring SwimStars Story – Josh’s Story

We talk a lot at SwimStars about how much we love teaching children to swim and how it is not just an essential life skill but also a fantastic way to push yourself and achieve great things. This is why we are so happy to bring you the below story;

Josh has been part of the SwimStars family for 4 years, when he started lessons he struggled to swim half a length and would get very frustrated.

However, as time went on, Josh developed his strength and technique so he can now swim 25 lengths per session in a 25m pool.

Josh has down’s syndrome but it is overshadowed by his determination to succeed and his swimming his testament to his attitude and desire.

In fact, Josh has become so confident in the water he has just completed a half a mile swim for charity…..he didn’t stop once and completed the distance in 26 minutes.

We’re so proud to have people like Josh in the SwimStars family and we’d like to wish him massive congratulations on his achievement.