Becky says Adam Peaty is a great story for kids learning to swim. Exclusive blog from Rio.

 It was one heck of a night for British swimming and it was a very tired Becky Adlington who sent us her exclusive blog from Rio the morning after our first medals

“Oh wow. How inspiring is Adam Peaty??  He is our Usain Bolt !

Although its only his first Olympics, to dominate so clearly, to take so much off his own record,  his attitude and professionalism, and the way he handles himself makes him a true champion. He is ‘World Class’ in every department, not just because he has a gold medal around his neck.

What many people do not realise is that not a lot of world records are achieved at the Olympics. We have been given sheets of statistics for the BBC broadcasts and it is surprising how few world records are achieved under the immense pressure of the Games. So again, for Adam to do it twice in 3 swims is incredible.

I think this is a great story for kids learning to swim around the world. Adam just wants to get kids in the pool. For a local person from a tiny club who, as I am sure you have already heard, was scared of the water, to become an Olympic champion, shows that anything is possible. It’s what inspires us all to teach.

And if you ever needed any more proof of what a nice young man he is, then here is an example which the TV cameras didn’t pick up. As he was surrounded by the world’s media at the side of the pool celebrating the greatest moment of his life, Adam broke off the interviews to turn round and encourage Jazz Carlin. During the final 50 metres of her fantastic silver medal swim Adam was waving and cheering her to the line. As I say ‘World Class’- and I was proud to be here to experience a great night.

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PS Absolutely delighted and buzzing for Jazz too.  She nearly quit after London 2012, but her talent and determination has brought her here and that was a fantastic swim in the 400 metre freestyle.