Getting to know Becky

 We all know Becky is an Olympic champion and a fantastic role model for all aspiring swimmers but what is she like outside of the pool? We sat down with Becky and asked the questions our Swim Stars customers wanted to know.

Below is a Q & A where Becky talks about her life in and out of the pool:

Life in the pool

 1.       How many lengths can you swim in an hour?

200 lengths, which equates to 5,000 metres.

2.       How fast can you swim?

8 minutes 14 seconds for 800 metres freestyle

3.       Why did you get into swimming?

My parents took me to a swimming class along with my two older sisters. I really looked up to them and wanted to swim like them too!

4.       What was your first swimming badge that you can remember?

My 100 metre badge

5.       What is your proudest moment?

Winning a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

 Outside of the pool

 1.       What is your favourite meal?

Sunday Roast

2.       Who are your favourite music artists?

Rhianna, Adele and Beyonce

3.       Who is your idol/hero and why?

Chris Hoy. He is the ultimate athlete and so professional. An amazing guy!

4.       What do you like doing when you’re not swimming?

Relaxing, shopping going to the cinema and being with family and friends.

5.       What is the best country you have been to and why?

Australia. I love the culture and the weather over there. Swimming and sport is massive in Australia too which I love!