4 ways SwimStars helps with January blues

Let’s be honest, January isn’t everyone’s favourite month of the year. Our clothes are tighter, our eyes are heavier, and our ears are sore from all the morning tantrums the school run brings. For the little ones, it’s important for them to get back into their routine as quickly as possible, whether it’s waking up for school or getting ready for bed. So, how can we help January be a bit less... January?

1. For most parents, our bedtime is something we look forward to – ideally no later than 8pm with a mug of Horlicks and comfy PJs. This very rarely goes to plan however, when at 7:55pm, the kids are running through the house with more energy than a Duracell Bunny. That’s where we come in. Swimming is a fantastic way for children to have fun, learn a lifesaving skill, and most importantly, exercise until all they want to do is eat their tea and go straight to bed. Cue the Horlicks…

2. Weekly lessons give children something to look forward to this time of year, when many can struggle swapping Christmas stockings for homework booklets. At SwimStars, we recognise the benefits for children to have friends outside of school, so we encourage our swimmers to get along by rewarding values such as friendship and respect.

3. After two weeks of listening to parents and grandparents, children may find it difficult adjusting to the classroom straight away. Swimming requires them to take direction from someone other than family but in a relaxed environment, allowing them to settle in at their own pace.

4. Christmas is often a time for families to switch off, watch Elf and argue over who won Monopoly. By now, we’ve had enough Christmas breaks to know that the start of January is our signal to switch back on, but this doesn’t come as easily to children. Studies show that regular exercise increases our ability to focus our attention, making children much more likely to concentrate until the final bell.  

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