Random Acts of Kindness Day

Although our programme was written by Olympic champion, Becky Adlington, our aim isn’t to create a generation of world class swimmers. Instead, we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn the lifesaving skill, and that means making swimming accessible for all!

Our lessons encourage water confidence, basic skills and water safety in a supportive, safe environment – and if our swimmers then want to progress to competitive swimming, we’ll make sure they’re on the right pathway for them.

From Foundation to Advanced, there is one aspect of our programme that never changes; our Becky Values. These 8 values are rewarded alongside our stage awards and are key to ensuring we deliver the best Learn to Swim journey possible for our SwimStars. As well as Determination, Courage, Leadership, Excellence and Persistence, we reward Kindness, Respect and Friendship – 3 values we think are perfect to focus on for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

At SwimStars HQ, we celebrated with some homemade treats. Get involved by tagging @beckyadlingtonsswimstars on Facebook and telling us how you made someone’s day better.

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