BabyStars Journey

BabyStars is our dedicated programme for ages 0-3 and is made up of three groups for babies and toddlers, along with their swim buddy (parent/adult), to gain confidence and skills in the water. Our whole swimming journey has been specifically written to link to the developmental stages of babies and toddlers, whilst including Becky’s values too.

Our programme includes:

  • A focus on building confidence, water safety and independence in the water
  • Weekly themes from children's books to provide variety in the lessons
  • Progress and value awards to celebrate your baby's/toddler's achievements in the water
  • Guidance on how to hold, support and move with your baby in the water
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BabyStars Groups

BabyStars Bond (0-12 months)

  • learning how to get yourself and your baby in and out of the pool safely
  • learning about your baby’s reflexes in the water
  • discovering different ways to hold and support your baby in the water
  • reaching a range of different objects on the surface of the water
  • exploring different ways to move, rotate and reach in the water on both their front and back
  • learning key words to help your baby as they develop confidence in the pool
  • weekly themes based around popular children’s stories

BabyStars Learn (12-24 months)

  • blowing bubbles in the water together
  • jumping in and making a splash
  • using different types of equipment to build independence and confidence in the water
  • reaching specific objects using fine motor skills on the surface and under the water
  • moving, balancing, floating, rotating, splashing, kicking – lots of fundamental movement skills!
  • learning some simple water safety rules in the pool
  • weekly themes based around popular children’s stories

BabyStars Grow (2-3 years)

  • supporting your toddler as they learn to float just with equipment or even by themselves
  • learning rocket kicks to move across the pool on their front and back
  • knowing how to be safe in the pool
  • your toddler showing you how they can float and kick across the pool by themselves on their front and back
  • jumping in safely (expect lots of splashes!)
  • completing themed activities to develop confidence in moving through the water in a variety of ways
  • weekly themes based around popular children’s stories
  • get ready to graduate to our SwimStars programme!