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Transform your career today and make a difference to children’s lives through many of our rewarding and inspiring job roles across the UK. We have multiple different learn to swim companies to choose from.

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Currently in the UK, one in four children are unable to swim by the time they go to secondary school. We’re here to change this. We have multiple learn to swim companies, which enables more and more families across the UK to start their childs swim journey with us! With working in the learn to swim industry, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable career choice that allows you to make a positive impact on others while staying active and developing your skills.



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The rewards are limitless. Not only do we change the lives of our swimmers, we offer life-changing job opportunities for those who come and work with us, providing access to fully funded courses and development pathways. If you want to make a difference then we are the place for you!

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Find out more about courses available delivered by our professional tutors. Becoming a swim teacher offers a career where you can make a difference, have career development and an enjoyable work environment. The possibilities are endless!

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Pools are closing up and down the country, meaning children have limited access to swimming facilities and children are not gaining the vital skill of learning to swim. Start a new career, join the swim! movement and change the future of the learn to swim industry.

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Swim! has been one of my best experiences so far. I felt like part of the swim family from day 1 of the training. The teaching was clear, and the tutors provided all the support I needed as well as understanding what was achievable for me during a day due to other commitments. They took on feedback and are amazing and I would definitely recommend the course and working at swim!


Really enjoyed the swim teaching programme. The tutors are great made sure you knew everything and made the lessons fun and enjoyable. This course really helped to build my confidence in teaching kids. They also give you the opportunity to get extra qualifications such as teaching babies and adults which is really great.


I’ve just completed my training, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the process. From applying to qualifying, the trainers were so knowledgeable, helpful and supportive throughout. I feel super confident heading into this next chapter of my life and it’s all thanks to them!


The training course provided by Swim! is a great opportunity to learn and develop. The course allows you to learn a vital and life saving skill which can be used at Swim! and throughout your career. This opportunity allows you to learn both theory and practical through each stage. The course has widely broadened my skill set and taught me everything I need to be able to teach this life saving skill at all different stages from newborn to adulthood. As a Swim! teacher the reward of being able to see hands on everyone succeed and learn this vital skill is an amazing achievement and one I am proud to be a part of.


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