Got a question about Becky Adlington's SwimStars? Chances are we have covered it below! Our FAQ section is a rundown of the questions we are asked the most.

Do you have an update on when swimming lessons will start again?


Unfortunately not, and we remain in the dark about when pools can reopen. Until the Government confirm a date that pools across the country can reopen, our swimming lessons cannot take place. It so disappointing that we haven’t yet had the green light to open, but we remain optimistic that a date won’t be too far away. Until then, we are working with our venue partners to prepare all of our lessons so that when we can reopen, we are all set to go.

We will continue to keep you informed throughout this process as we get closer to reopening.

What are you doing to make sure lessons are safe when we re-start?


We want to assure you that behind the scenes, we are taking every necessary precaution, and we’re implementing a series of measures to ensure a safe return to lessons for our members. The changes that you’ll see when you return to the pool have been made in accordance with the guidelines we have received from both government and Swim England. There will be strict social distancing requirements and increased hygiene procedures. Separately, all of our team members will complete additional training and a Covid-19 Safety Qualification. Your health and wellbeing remains our number one priority, and that won’t ever change.

Will numbers of swimmers per class be lowered?


One of the unique things about SwimStars is that we’ve always kept our class numbers low in order to give each swimmer a personalised approach. We already have considerably lower numbers in our classes than many other swimming lesson providers, and Swim England guidelines will allow us to resume lessons with the same ratios across all of our classes. 

Separately, for the short term, we will not be inviting any new swimmers to join classes or to change classes unless it’s absolutely necessary. We will keep swimmers in learning bubbles in exactly the same way that schools have done.

Will overall numbers in the pool be lowered?


Yes. Your venue and SwimStars team will be following guidelines and recommendations from our governing bodies.

Are adults still able to view lessons from poolside at my venue?


There will be restrictions on the numbers of people we can accommodate on the premises and on poolside. We are currently working with our venue partners to find the best solution to this as we know so many of you love watching the childrens’ lessons.

Our usual one adult per swimmer on poolside will be extended to within the building to adhere to guidelines around social distancing. We will also prioritise our younger swimmers to have an adult on poolside when space is limited.

When we have more information available, we will of course share it with you.

Can I bring other children to the lesson?


We ask that whenever possible siblings who are not swimming do not attend lessons. If this is unavoidable you may be asked to wait somewhere on the premises, away from poolside.

Will changing rooms be available?


Changing rooms will be open. However we will be asking swimmers to arrive “beach ready” to limit the use of the changing rooms to after lessons only. This means having swimwear under clothes that are easy to remove on poolside.

We also ask that swimmers adopt a “Dry, Dress and Exit” system and shower at home before and after lessons. We know lots of our swimmers bring pyjamas and onesies to wear after their late afternoon/evening lessons, and we’d urge you to continue do this you can once lessons restart to make the process as swift as possible. 

Will we still use drop off and pickup points?


Yes. Wherever possible we will be keeping the location of these the same. We will have indicators in place to support social distancing so please support us by using these and following directions from the team on site.

Will equipment be cleaned and safe?


Yes. Equipment will be cleaned between each lesson and we will be following official guidelines by limiting some of the equipment we use.

Is the pool water safe?


Yes, chlorine is known to kill covid19 virus in current research.

Will social distancing take priority over helping my child if they are struggling?


The safety of our swimmers will always be our priority. . Social distancing and significantly enhanced hygiene measures are of course really important, but nothing will stop us from providing essential support as and when it is needed.

Will we still have the same teacher?


We are doing everything possible to keep each class with the same teacher. For continuation purposes we recognise this is really important so we will do everything we can to make it happen. There are recommendations for teachers to stay at the same poolside area, however we feel we can move on poolside and still keep social distancing.

Will awards presentations still happen at our Bannatyne and Holiday Inn venues?


No. Unfortunately, we will be unable to conduct our awards celebrations, however we will ensure any certificates completed reach our swimmers as soon as possible either at their venue or by post.

Will it be considered that my child hasn’t been in the water for a number of months?


We know that our swimmers have not been in a pool since lockdown and we want to ensure we re-introduce them in the safest possible way. Our team have been developing the Water Safety section of the programme and they recommend we start with this for the first weeks of our return to lessons. We appreciate that your child may have some reservations about getting back in the water having been out for so long – that’s completely natural. But please rest assured that our team are ready to support them and ease them gently back into lessons. This will also give our swimmers the confidence to know that their lessons will start with a tentative splash back in the water and include all the fun they should be having in and around the pool!

Will my swimmers awards criteria be updated?


We won’t be requiring criteria of awards to be updated in the first few weeks. We will be prioritising a safe and steady re-introduction to the pool.

What happens if my child or a family member is experiencing covid19 symptoms?


If you, your swimmer, any member of your household or contact bubble displays any symptoms, then we ask you to follow the government recommendations which can be read here:

What happens next? When can we expect more news?


In short, we don’t know when we can expect news on the reopening of the pools. We will continue to be guided by Swim England and the government as to what remains the safest options for our swimmers. We do though feel absolutely confident that we are ready to open our pools and that we’ve put the necessary measures in place to keep you all safe. That’s why we’ve put our support behind the #SaveOurPools campaign on social media, and we’d urge you all to do the same. The sooner we can get back to lessons, the better!