Becky visits Altrincham to give the ‘Swim to Rio’ souvenir to one lucky SwimStars member!

Becky made a surprise visit to Total Fitness Altrincham on Tuesday night to give one lucky SwimStar a Rio souvenir that she had brought back from the Olympics specially for the completion of ‘Swim to Rio.

Speaking after the presentation Becky said “I was so proud of everyone at SwimStars for swimming the distance of over 3,000 miles from Manchester to Rio. It was a tough challenge but the support we received from parents and children out of lessons helped us over the line. I wanted to reward all the SwimStars who took part, but I only brought one teddy back from Rio - so had to choose just one. “

The lucky winner was Abi Frazer and she was delighted to be given the official Rio mascot and a signed swim cap from Becky.

Abi’s sister Charlotte is also a member of the SwimStars family, so - to avoid any squabbling at home - Becky also gave a swim cap to her sister Charlotte, much to the delight of mum!

Becky stayed around for a few lessons chatting to parents and had lots of photos with the kids and parents alike, it was a great evening and a great way to celebrate the success of the SwimStars family.

Now, how far is it to swim to Tokyo ?????