Our Super SwimStar, Nell

Before anything else, SwimStars has always been about making sure our swimmers are safe and confident in the water. Watching your little one in their lesson every week, you may wonder how our games and activities relate to this, but if our years in this industry have taught us anything, it’s that the best way to teach our swimmers so that they learn and remember, is through fun!  

From day one, we’ve always understood the importance of teaching our swimmers water safety should they ever get in trouble outside of their lessons. Now, with our new bespoke SwimStars programme, this is taught even sooner – and for good reason.

This is where our super SwimStar, Nell comes in.

Since joining our programme in the beginning of 2018, Nell has made her way through all of the Foundation 1-4 criteria and has almost completed Early Swimmer 1. As well as swimming independently, submerging, pushing, gliding, blowing bubbles, entering & exiting safely, rotating and jumping… (the list is endless!), Nell’s lessons also taught her what to do if she ever fell into water.

See what mum had to say below when Nell slipped and fell into a lake fully clothed during a family fishing trip:

“Although it was a very hot sunny day, the water was freezing and I was so impressed with her reaction. She didn’t panic, rolled on her back and floated until I fished her out. She wasn’t in any real danger as I was right there, but it was a relief to see how well she coped outside the pool setting and that’s entirely down to her SwimStars lessons, so thank you!” – Mum, Laura

Reading that, we couldn’t be prouder of our swimmer taking what she’s learnt in her lesson and putting it into practice. From everyone at SwimStars, a huge well done to Nell and thank you to mum, Laura for sharing her story and reminding us why we do what we do.